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Points will be awarded per moto and are based on the following schedule:

1st place - 25pts
2nd place - 22pts
3rd place - 20pts
4th place - 18pts
5th place -16pts

6th place - 15pts
7th place - 14pts
8th place - 13pts
9th place - 12pts
10th place- 11pts

11th place - 10pts
12th place- 9pts
13th place- 8pts
14th place- 7pts
15th place- 6pts

16th place - 5pts
17th place - 4pts
18th place - 3pts
19th place - 2pts
20th through last place- 1 pt.

Move up points will be assigned based on the overall position of the day as follows:

  • 1st – 4 points
  • 2nd – 3 points
  • 3rd – 2 points
  • 4th – 1 point

25 Points to Move Up

Move up points are applied to all progressive motocross classes on both the big and small bike tracks. Riders cannot be forced to move from one class to another through accumulation of move up points if they are not comfortable for safety reasons.


When time determines the result, we capture the performance. 

In 2012, OCMC members voted to move to the MyLaps electronic scoring system. Committing to this technology is positioning us as a leader within the riding community. Starting the 2013 season, transponders were made mandatory for all classes (including sportsman) on the Tuesday night MX races. They are not necessary for the small track races.

High Point Award

The high points award is presented to any rider in good standing with the highest combined points that participates in any progressive class, in any two of the following disciplines: motocross, cross country, club enduros and ice racing. 


Discipline Classes

Adult Expert
Novice A, B 
Ladies Ladies A, B  Ladies  Ladies 
Schoolboy Youth 12-16
Youth 7-11 
Youth A
Youth B
Youth 12-16
Youth 7-11 
Mighty Mini 

PeeWee Beginner A, B
PeeWee Junior Classes
PeeWee Intermediate A, B
PeeWee Expert
Girls A, B 

PeeWee B
PeeWee A
PeeWee B
PeeWee A