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A club for the entire family

A lot of the focus now is to have a sport where the whole family can participate, get a great workout and develop relationships with lots of social interaction with a great group of people. Both child and adult alike will make friendships that will last a lifetime!

A class for everyone

Geared for both sexes and all age groups. Skill level is not important nor is bike size. The age difference in our riders can be as diverse as four years old to our mature riders in their seventies.  Classes also range from first time riders to experts.

Great for the kids

The youth seem to acquire the greatest of all.  Not only the ability to ride a motorized vehicle with respect and responsibility, but they acquire fantastic sportsmanship skill as well as self discipline, diet, exercise and a keen interest in keeping their marks up in school.

OCMC dirt bike club is a win-win situation for everyone.

Mission Statement: To promote the sport of motorcycling on a volunteer basis. To create a place and events where current and future generations can ride off-road motorcycles in a challenging, safe, family environment. To be considerate to other user groups so that the acceptance of our sport will be wide spread.