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Two 9-race series every Tuesday night beginning on the first Tuesday of May through to September.  Classes offered on the small track and big track range from Sportsman to Expert.  We welcome all ages from 4 to 70 +.

Cross Country

A XC is an endurance race held through a mix of forested single track and open 2 track trials.  Sometimes portions of a motocross track are also included.  All events are family oriented with a race class for all ages and skill level. Various XC locations and dates are scheduled throughout the season.


Long distance events with a timed trails style of scoring that are designed to test your endurance and focus. These events included in our woods series are some of the most prestigious off road events in Ontario.


A GP style two way ice track plays host to a series that runs from January to March, up to 8 weeks in total with one throw away race included. This series turns your bike into a year round machine.  This sport can be contageous!